I DO THIS FOR U FANS!!!!!!!!!1

2008-03-21 21:52:46 by CaliberTheButcher

See i like my fans. They make sure none of my stuff gets seriously low and since i dont get on ng everyday to rate my stuff up like mostly everyone else my fans do it for me. u guys are why i gave two more new beats to ng. I appreciate your votes and keep em comin! Much Loves Caliber The Butcher CTZ

I DO THIS FOR U FANS!!!!!!!!!1


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2008-03-23 10:54:27

If you have an album then you shouldent put your songs on NG.... because you can download them 0_0

CaliberTheButcher responds:

Yeah thats true but actually there's only like 3 or 4 songs on here from the album and the album has 18 tracks so basically people are getting the demo for free! lol holla@chaboi


2008-03-23 16:56:31

do ya thing caliber!~


2008-03-25 16:33:16

Keep the beats coming!


2008-03-27 15:26:49

Ya shit is fire man!! Keep it up hommie! YEAH!!!

CaliberTheButcher responds:

yeeeaaaah booooooiiii CA-LI-BER!!!!!!


2008-04-03 22:41:54

My fault for going offline on AIM, modem died out. That shits hates me... or probably you, I dunno.. If it could talk, I would find out asap, but till then, lets just say it hates Billy.

CaliberTheButcher responds:

haha u a fool. u good tho


2008-04-07 02:22:20

look at this hillary duff lookin ass n***a

Methodman: GET EM!!

puerto-rican iguana lookin ass n***a

Methodman: GET EM!!

Australian baboon lookin ass n***a

Methodman: GET EM!!



2008-04-19 10:00:22

^ grow up ^