Entry #1

Lets Set The Record Straight.

2007-10-29 19:50:49 by CaliberTheButcher

it seems some other people on this site seem to think that the beats and/or songs I MAKE are stolen. first things first. everything i put on this site is copywritten under CALIBER PRODUCTIONS whether i make it and post it on another site for another company or put it on another site under RAYN or RAYNTYME it is MY STUFF! so stop ratin my shit down. stop hatin on greatness. HOLLA@CHAMUTHAFUCKINBOI


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2007-10-29 20:25:30

yeah haters!! stop hating!!


2007-10-30 01:01:07



2007-10-31 05:28:49

Dude if any of your stuff even one thing was stolen, not saying any of it is, but my point is, if even one thing was stolen, SO F*#KING WHAT!!!!, the rest wont be stolen so it just shows that if it was stolen, it must be a pretty crap beat in the first place since all this guys beats are pretty damn good, so if that specific beat is good then, I wont be very surprised if it turns out his in the end, plus you might even get mixed up with another beat that sounds similar and even then what you thought was very similar, turns out when you hear that beat again they both are totally diff, hay CTB nice beats, and I dont think any of your beats are stolen, so keep up the good work peace dude.


2007-11-10 15:41:43

Drop all beef you got with anyone. **RMP GOT'Z TA GET MORE TRACKS IN**

The take over begins, it's either follow the movement or get left behind

**hataz r left behind**


2007-11-12 16:39:28

I love your beats, the only proablem is its not realy the tipe of music that can realy go with a flash movie.


2007-11-13 03:38:08

n***a!! i want in on dat PILL MUZIK REMIX!! xD!!! holla@meh. I bust a nice free on dat beat.. im really feelin dat ish.