A member of RMP no longer......

2008-05-14 13:51:52 by CaliberTheButcher

Sorry guys. ive finally made my decision. Caliber the Butcher is no longer a part of Real Muzik Productionz. There's no beef or anything thats goin on inside of RMP to make me leave but its more of unorginization. I dont know who's part of the crew and people keep coming and leaving. I feel it would be for the betterment of myself to actually branch off and do my own thing on NG. Most likely im going to start my own group with contracts and everything to make it an official group instead of having people come and go as they please. Dj Ses and whoever else is in RMP are still cool wit me but i just cant be part of that movement anymore. Any questions holla@chaboi Caliberthebutcher


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2008-05-15 00:11:21

Damn man. Barley anyones in RMP now.
Good luck with your group though. Is it gonna be called CTZ?

CaliberTheButcher responds:

Nah Right now im gettin everything ready for the introduction. ill let you know whats up when everything gets situated


2008-05-17 11:19:11

man i think thats the right choice

i respect ses but honestly hes on the decline
ur rising now, and it would only hold u back

CaliberTheButcher responds:

Yeah thanks man.


2008-05-18 23:34:54

So like... Are butcher suppose to use knife and shit!? lmfao

I'm fucking with you man. Did you disband from RMP because your starting something on your own or was it because of the beef that went down?

CaliberTheButcher responds:

nah not really man. it was more like i wanted to spread my wings and really couldnt do it how i wanted to. couldnt work with people i wanted to cuz of stupid beefs and shit like that. thats why i branched off.


2008-05-23 19:15:50

I was waiting for this news....


2008-05-24 10:30:57

wuz good my dude YBS roster lookin real good man foreal!~


2008-05-26 23:46:29

aww, my post got deleteded...didn't mean any disrespect, cal

CaliberTheButcher responds:

haha nah i aint mean to delete it. was geekin tryna respawn and deleted it....weed kills brain cells...or freezes it or somethin. dunno but yeah.


2008-05-28 03:39:14

in the above list to lipz did u leave out Sly, Khaos, and Kasino Bukks by mistake? or aint they down no more..?

CaliberTheButcher responds:

nah sly got his own thing goin. Kasino bucks still in but i was puttin the ng roster up. khaos i aint talked to in a lil min so i dont know where he stand.


2008-06-02 19:41:25

tell me if you object, but i'm giving this track to the dj at a club i go to in New Haven