WHOOOO!!!!!! Big Cali's backkk!!!!!!

2008-05-08 18:11:26 by CaliberTheButcher

Yooooo! man some of yall know i had my lil thing wit def jam the 25th of april thats why i aint been online. i jus got back a couple days ago i think it was the 2nd or some shit....but either way the boi came back....didnt get a deal tho....but its all good. i got me some cash from sellin beats and im good so expect Cali to be droppin some hits soon. Ima fill yall in on some info too. Theres ATLEAST gonna be 1 track wit the boi Lmagic, one of the illest unsigned artists to walk the face of the fuckin planet! so be expectin that shit to drop ASAP holla@chaboi


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