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Posted by CaliberTheButcher - October 9th, 2008

whats good witchall man?? jus lettin yall know the boi doin his thang if u cant contact me by phone and u have a ps3 holla@me Butch_Kalibur and xbox 360 ButchKaliba8609. holla@chaboi

Posted by CaliberTheButcher - July 4th, 2008

YO IM LOVIN IT RIGHT NOW!!!! people hatin like crazy but they aint got nothin on me. haha the boi got stacks, got a house and whips they couldnt make on midnight club dub edition!!! LMFAO wait and no im not talkin about a house with my moms....im talkin about a house to myself!!!! AHHHHHh!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyone wanna collab??? holla@me i have more time to do collabs droppin tracks instantly. haha holla@chaboi

Posted by CaliberTheButcher - June 23rd, 2008

Man i went to ny for about a week 2 weeks ago and when i came back im gettin messages tellin me that either im stealin beats or this other guy stealin beats.....first of all...check all my beats....listen and tell me....HOW MANY OF THOSE BEATS HAVE U HEARD ON ANY OTHER WEBSITE. only the ones thats tagged right? since i got my new computer and changed location right? hmmm.....lets think for a second...where did i get The Butcher Is Back, or One For My Fans, or how did i do the Reinvention to ONE OF MY OWN BEATS??? not to mention the butcher is back is using the EXACT SAME SAMPLE I USED IN THE REINVENTION. LMAO theres a dude out here stealin beats and everyone knows i produce and plus im makin moves. u cant make moves with stolen beats and when i sell a beat i pass over rights for it also...so how can a beat be stolen if i own the rights? lmao get real KALIBUR THE BUTCHER!!!!!! oh and yes the spelling has changed. holla@chaboi

Posted by CaliberTheButcher - May 14th, 2008

Sorry guys. ive finally made my decision. Caliber the Butcher is no longer a part of Real Muzik Productionz. There's no beef or anything thats goin on inside of RMP to make me leave but its more of unorginization. I dont know who's part of the crew and people keep coming and leaving. I feel it would be for the betterment of myself to actually branch off and do my own thing on NG. Most likely im going to start my own group with contracts and everything to make it an official group instead of having people come and go as they please. Dj Ses and whoever else is in RMP are still cool wit me but i just cant be part of that movement anymore. Any questions holla@chaboi Caliberthebutcher

Posted by CaliberTheButcher - May 8th, 2008

Yooooo! man some of yall know i had my lil thing wit def jam the 25th of april thats why i aint been online. i jus got back a couple days ago i think it was the 2nd or some shit....but either way the boi came back....didnt get a deal tho....but its all good. i got me some cash from sellin beats and im good so expect Cali to be droppin some hits soon. Ima fill yall in on some info too. Theres ATLEAST gonna be 1 track wit the boi Lmagic, one of the illest unsigned artists to walk the face of the fuckin planet! so be expectin that shit to drop ASAP holla@chaboi

Posted by CaliberTheButcher - March 21st, 2008

See i like my fans. They make sure none of my stuff gets seriously low and since i dont get on ng everyday to rate my stuff up like mostly everyone else my fans do it for me. u guys are why i gave two more new beats to ng. I appreciate your votes and keep em comin! Much Loves Caliber The Butcher CTZ

I DO THIS FOR U FANS!!!!!!!!!1

Posted by CaliberTheButcher - March 4th, 2008

Whats goody?! Im trying to venture out. I want to start making music for flash movies. I cant make flash movies myself mainly cuz i SUCK AT DRAWING so if anyone wants to collab as far as flash and music. holla@chaboi Caliber The Butcher CTZ

Posted by CaliberTheButcher - December 18th, 2007

whats good people?? i just wanted to show my appreciation to my fans on ng for the good ratings. im not gonna be on ng much longer sad to say. im actually tired of GIVING AWAY FREE BEATS just to get zero bombed multiple times in one day. i really dont have time for the childishness and now that the actual beat sales have went up i spend less time making free beats. if anyone has anything to say, make it known. holla@chaboi RaynTyme aka Caliber The Butcher

Whats Poppin??

Posted by CaliberTheButcher - October 29th, 2007

it seems some other people on this site seem to think that the beats and/or songs I MAKE are stolen. first things first. everything i put on this site is copywritten under CALIBER PRODUCTIONS whether i make it and post it on another site for another company or put it on another site under RAYN or RAYNTYME it is MY STUFF! so stop ratin my shit down. stop hatin on greatness. HOLLA@CHAMUTHAFUCKINBOI